Chambray and Some Slips

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014


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Can you imagine the thrill of doing a shoot in the middle of a busy street with huge trucks constantly about to run you over?

The struggles of getting a good shot right?

Probably the most awkward thing, besides being almost run over multiple times, is posing directly in front of business stalls. Half the time, the vendors are borderline about to shoo us away and the other half, their eyes full of amusement seeing me try to look natural and running away to avoid cars.

We shot this after grabbing a brief local HK-style brunch at the famous Australian Dairy Company. No, we did not go to a dairy farm to drink milk. And let me tell you. It was an experience. Never have a I actually been thrown looks when having a catch up sesh with a friend over some eggs, toast, and milk tea. I get there’s a line and all, but at least let me eat in peace for more than 15 minutes. I swear we scarfed down our food, paid, and left within a grand total of 20 minutes. Real attractive image yeah?



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