Blogging Tips + Tricks

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014


I think we can all agree. Blogging is tough work. I’ve been blogging since August of last year, and only in the recent month or two I have been actually keepng up with consistent posts. I know many people say in blogging, it takes time and dedication and such. But, honestly, it’s harder than you think. I don’t mind that my readership isn’t at the height of say, This Chick”s Got Style, but dedication is diffcult without a motivation. A push like when your readers expect you to post every day or every other day.

But, over time, I realized, posting so often makes me happy. Taking OOTDs and putting my DSLR to good use. I am pretty on track, if I might say, with my blog posting now. And, even though we all have room to improve, I have some tips and tricks for those of you that were in my place and lost in the sea of bloggers and fashion that want to move your blog into a postitive direction!

1. Schedule your posts.

I cannot emphasize how much of an impact that scheduling my posts has had on my consistency. I use this amazing app called Blogsy that allows you to work on your blog posts directly on your iPad. I use it to do the posts ahead of time and scheduling them with ease.

This app is definitely been a game changer for TFR. I travel a ton and love working at coffee shops, so carrying my iPad around is much less of a struggle than lugging my Macbook around. Yes, I have weak shoulders.

2. Doing photoshoots on weekends

Yes, this is kind of a cheat move. OOTDs are supposed to be pictures of what you’re wearing every day, but honestly, for those on the go and have busy schedules, it’s hard to always set apart time to take pictures of your outfits. That’s when le weekends come in. When I have a super busy week, I bunch up a good amount of outfits in one day and take pictures. I try to remember what I wear during the week and do posts with those.

3. Tripods and remotes are your BFFs

Seriously. I don’t have a photographer friend, so most of the time, I have to make use of my trusty tripod and remote to do photoshoots on my own. Yes it is awkward when people walk by. Yes you may look like a narcissist. But, all for the blog right?

4. I <3 My iPad

I get that not everyone has an ipad. But for those that do, USE IT! My iPad has changed my complete blogging routine. Convenience and efficient. I recently bought the Memory card iPad adapter and it is pure magic. It’s so nice to be able to take pictures and immediately import them, edit, and write my post.

In terms of editing pictures, I use Mei Tu Xiu Xiu, a chinese app, to edit any imperfections on my skin. Then, I use PS Express or Afterlight to edit the actual picture (exposure, sharpen, etc)

After editing, I start compiling everything into Blogsy, pick a schedule time/date, and boom! Done!

I hope these tips and tricks has helped you guys! More to come in the future!